Atulya Bharat!

An overcrowded rickshaw

A police officer with no teeth

Thirtheen monkees hanging

in the jungle’s frightening trees


Six grown-up men in cycling clothes

Underneath a waterfall they lie

Bus driver staring outside

Watching eleven cyclists passin’ by


Two overheated stray dogs

with their greedy tongues hanging out

While a tired mechanic pulls

My racebike upside down


Champion declares we’re all champion

First one now will later be last

My head yelling down below:

‘Won’t you please shut up, legs!’


Kids in school uniforms

In line for a high-class High Five

Three supporting women reminding me

That I do need to call my wife


Indian cyclists smiling

Enjoying the never ending rain

One Telugu Titan from Rotterdam

Is fully prepared to complain


The mayor of a small town

Invites us for a cup of tea

Four parrots screaming

Scaring the holy shit out-a me


We’re in a hurry

We really gotta go

Terriby sorry,

Chalo! Chalo!


One seventeen year-old

Dreaming of the Olympics

While one brave gorgeous woman

Prepares for the Tokyo Paralympics


Time now for the CS:

Beating time in full choir

Headwind, slight slope

With all muscles on fire


Ten tireless volunteers

Working in the spotlight’s shadow

While one European cyclist

Just kicked off his left side pedal


The risk of a diarree attack

Am about to wet my pans

Doc and CP who cover me

(Literally watching my scary arse)


Eighty hopeless hobos

Dying for a cup of soup

While we race through a million hamlets

Smelling the smell of baby poop


Cows sleeping on the highway

Two dark tunnels ahead

A South African legend in pain

Wished he never left his cricket bat


Thirty tipsy Indians

Stealing the show on tonight’s dancefloor

One drunken race director

Begging the hotel manager for just one lousy more


God bless the people of this fine nation

God bless my cycling friends, so full of fun

God bless this little piece of paradise:

The devine hills of Rajastan


All the heros and heroins

Forever in my heart

Thanks Tour of Aravallis:

Atulya Bharat!




Spookrijden. Achteruit rijdend, met het verkeer mee. Geen paniek, want It's Life And Life Only. Windje tegen, de Brug op. Fietsen als een forel. Met een harslaag over mijn wortels. De B-kant van een singletje. En de terugweg. De schoonheid van verval. De Paus handje drukkend met Joop Zoetemelk. De film met de geruststellende gedachte aan de slechte afloop. De laatste lik pindakaas, Tammy Wynette op, Feyenoord nooit meer kampioen. En splinters, overal splinters. In onze gespleten stad. En Broes (tegen de kou). Meegezogen, vuistdiep, die trechter in. Hij. Zij. Wij. Spookrijders.

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  1. Raymonde Hendriks Antwoord

    Paradise exists and specially in India, these wonderful days. You have opened India a little bit for the readers of your blogs

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